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NATO approved pistol coiled Kevlar® lanyards

Since its creation in 1995, CEV has been specialized in the design and manufacture of Kevlar® coiled lanyards. Their construction materials and dimensions have been carefully selected and defined in order to secure handguns to the belt of Police, Army and special forces teams.

Our Kevlar® coiled lanyards that have been approved by NATO agency answer perfectly to their requests of security during their operations.

The central Kevlar® core and the high resistant outer jacket is the garantee of a very good mechanical resistance and a high flexibility even at low temperatures. After repetitive extensions, CEV Kevlar® lanyards keep their memory of return, without showing any deformation.


An optimal extension during operation :  1.20 Meter                                                      A retracted length of 150mm 



A loop of 70mm internal size allow the lanyard to be set on the belt. On the other side a mat snap hook ecure the guns to the lanyard

GLOCK 17 Gen5 as supplied to the French Army - Crédit photo © GLOCK Ges.m.b.H.



3 available colours , all are NATO approved, your guarantee of a high quality !


NNO 4020-14545-9333
REF CEV 56260



NNO 4020-14551-8107
REF CEV 50001




NNO 8465-14599-3693
REF CEV 43526
GLOCK 17 Gen5 with CEV Kevlar® coiled lanyard, our ref 43526,
as supplied to the French Army Forces


Special construction Kevlar® coiled lanyards :

In order to answer to the individual requirements of Police departments and Army forces in each country, CEV design lanyards with special dimensions and equipped with specific hooks, rings, nylon buckles. Accessories are chosen according to the product that need to be secured : hand guns, tasers, knives, cameras, keys, scissors, and any other small item. 

We manufacture our coiled Kevlar lanyards in the colour of your choice, and if necessary for your own application, we adapt the dimensions according to the item to be secured and your requirements of extension and space.


Please choose your hook and clip, your colour, we design your individual solutions :


 Hooks                                                                                              Rings



 Nylon buckles : Colour : green - black - coyote



Fast-detachable clips                                                                       Colours

                           Other colours : on request