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Coiled Kevlar® lanyards for Tools/Working at height

CEV is your partner for the design and manufacture of  your coiled Kevlar® lanyards to secure all your items or tools in your own environnement of work. Our spiral lanyards are used in all applications where small items need to be secured from falling, from loss or from theft.
Coiled Kevlar® lanyards will answer pefectly to your requirements of use and security.
Designed with a central Kevlar® element, they present a very good mechanical behaviour and a high flexiblity even at low temperature. CEV lanyards will keep their high memory of return even after repetitive extensions


Hooks and fasteners are carefully chosen according to the item to secure 


A loop of 70mm internal dimensions will allow you to set the lanyard directly at your belt. If you prefer, we can also set special hooks and fasteners to fix your item at your belt, wrist, chest..


 Hooks                                                                                             Rings



Special accessorizes                                                                         Nylon/Velcro buckle


Several colours are available on stock and we can offer special colours on request for difficult environments !




 Other colours on request, please contact us