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Shipment within 24/48 hours

Special cables

For more than 20 years, our teams have been making customised special cables in accordance with precise specifications and for particular environments: extra-flexible cables, cold and UV-resistant cables, underwater cables.

Our experience in the research and manufacture of hybrid cables allows us to design very technical cables using cutting-edge materials.

Do you need round or flat special cables? We will carry out a personalised assessment of your specifications within 48/72 hours.

Together we will define the constraints of your application, environment, chemical or mechanical resistance, as well as your sizing and flexibility requirements.

Lead time: 15 days to 8 weeks according to required construction

MOQ : 300 m or less construction

  • CuA1 or CuSn cores with extra-fine copper wires
  • PVC, TPE-E, PP, FEP insulation
  • Customized colour code upon request
  • Assembly in pairs, threes, fours
  • General or individual shielding of conductors, pairs, thirds.., by tinned copper braid or tinned copper spinning.
  • Assembly under anti-friction tape
  • Mechanical reinforcement with Kevlar braids or wires
  • Integration of Polyurethane capillaries
  • PVC, PVC C1, PUR, PUR Zero Halogen, PU UL94VO, V1, V2, HFFR coating