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Cordons Electriques du Vercors was established in 1995 by Mr Roger Lepretre and his wife, in Villars-de-Lans in Vercors. After working for special cable manufacturers for several years, Mr Lepretre set up the company to meet the growing demand for spiral cables.

CEV kick-started its growth by responding to calls for tenders from the French National Police Force and Gendarmerie for coiled Kevlar® lanyards designed to secure handguns. It wasn’t long before the spiral cable came to complement CEV’s lanyard business. CEV responds to requests from diverse business sectors such as handling, robotics, cabling, medical, etc.

In order to respond to this growth, CEV left Vercors in 2005 and relocated to a 2500 m2 factory in Dordogne. The factory boasts 5 workshops dedicated to the production of spiral cables:

  • 1 traditional connector workshop
  • 1 automated connector workshop
  • 1 large series spiral cable workshop
  • 1 special spiral cable workshop
  • 1 Kevlar® lanyard workshop 

On 1 January 2013, Mr Lepretre retired. Mr Huet, formally the Commercial Director of CEV SAS, took over as the Managing Director with ambitions of expanding CEV SAS on an international scale through its three lines of business: spiral cables, cable assemblies and special cables.